How many of you dream of having the latest camera, lens, lighting gear or studio setup that you have seen advertised or that a more professional photographer has accumulated over the years? 

We tend to be a race of dreamers and always striving for the best, biggest and latest of anything in our lives, but photography tends to bring out the dreamiest of dreams.   

Have you heard the term Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS)?   

GAS is a condition that many photographers can suffer from. It is dangerous and can empty your pockets and dampen your enthusiasm for creativity very quickly. 

It is self-inflicted because of our obsession to get the latest gear that will be the panacea to bring us back to the creative photographers we are.   

When starting out as a photographer try not to get carried away with the latest and greatest gear (GAS) you see advertised or that someone else has.    

While knowing your gear and understanding the technical aspects of how to create an image are important it is also imperative that you keep your feet on the ground, head out of the clouds, as much money in your pocket as you can and learn to improvise and use the more affordable gear to achieve the same results in your photographs as with the more expensive gear.    

As you learn and grow you will aspire to the more up-to-date equipment and that feeling of achievement will be much greater than beginning with all the “right” gear and not using it to its full potential.    

New gear and equipment do not guarantee that you are a better photographer.   

At this point, the return on dollars spent between the photography gear you have obtained and the end result of your images plateaus, or even declines.   

Don’t be embarrassed or intimidated by having more affordable gear. Learn to improvise as this can force you to be more creative and to experiment. 

Push yourself with what you have in a way that having more expensive gear sometimes will not allow to because of replacement value.   

Know how to use each and every piece of your equipment inside and out so that it doesn’t hinder the visual image you have in your mind’s eye. 

By all means work towards the latest and greatest but don’t let it stop you from creating with what you have now.    

Your imagination is the best tool you have - embrace it, create with it, nurture it, share it and be inspired by it.   

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