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  • Camera Rain Covers

    Excerpt: At Photography Accessories by Crafty Bells we have designed a lightweight, yet durable, Camera Rain Cover to pull out of your bag when that sudden spurt of rain arrives or you want that shot of rapids and waterfalls where water splash can get onto and into your camera. Don't forget about snow conditions as well, as this is where most damage can be done, not only by the snow, but by the cold conditions causing condensation and water build up in the lens.
  • Camera Dust Covers

    Excerpt: Photographers need to be prepared for any weather conditions when they go out on a shoot. Protection of your camera and equipment is essential.
  • Camera Stabilizer Pillows

    Excerpt: Lightweight, compact pillows to use when a tripod is not within reach to take the all important photo.
  • Crafty Bells - The Beginning

    Excerpt of the Full Story: Living in a country town my husband, Phil, and I became active in getting to know the area and the people, exploring the beautiful surrounds of upper Victoria and lower New South Wales, Australia. My husband became interested in photography once again and picked up a couple of positions teaching at the local U3A and also retirement villages. I was at a loss of how to fill my retirement days, when by chance Phil asked me to make up some stabiliser pillows to take to classes. People became interested in them and I found a small market. From the pillows ideas began to flow with other accessories I could make to assist photographers when they are out on a shoot. I now have 14 products to the range.

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