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  • Denise Flay Photography

    Excerpt: Denise's action shots are so good that you feel you are actually riding that horse, chasing the steer and even flying with the birds. She captures the emotions of the subject while drawing the viewer in to feel the action.
  • TRIPODS - What are they and why are they used in photography?

    Excerpt: Making it easy
    Now for the most economical, easy to use, easy to carry tripod on the market.
  • Taking the Leap from Automatic to Manual Mode

    Benefits of Shooting in Manual Mode
    * More control over the look of your image
    * You don't have to fight to get the image you want
  • Lens Warmers

    Excerpt: The number one enemy for night time and cold weather photographers is condensation. For those of you who are new to night time photography or shooting timelapses we have a few tips to understand how to fight condensation in your equipment.
  • Calibration of Camera and Lens - Why? How?

    Excerpt: Most cameras and long lens combinations can benefit from some focus tweaking. Your camera body needs to have micro-adjustments in the menu system.
  • Photography - Quick Reference Cards

    Excerpt: With the Quick Reference Cards (by Sweet As Photos, Sydney) you will have comprehensive information available at all times to twig your memory and learn valuable tips along the way.
  • Point & Shoot Camera Cases

    Excerpt: Here at Photography Accessories by Crafty Bells we have designed a sturdy, shock and water resistant case for your Point & Shoot Camera that is easy to carry in a pocket or just slip into a handbag.
    There are two types of Point & Shoot Cameras for which we have made special cases.
  • Cell or Mobile Phone Cases

    Excerpt: Cell / Mobile phones are not getting smaller, but, they are getting thinner and feel more fragile than they used to be. If they are not protected they can either slip out of your hands, cracking the screen or even fall into water, or be exposed to rain and hot sun etc. Don't forget the damage caused by being scratched and damaged just sitting in a purse or pocket.
  • Camera Rain Covers

    Excerpt: At Photography Accessories by Crafty Bells we have designed a lightweight, yet durable, Camera Rain Cover to pull out of your bag when that sudden spurt of rain arrives or you want that shot of rapids and waterfalls where water splash can get onto and into your camera. Don't forget about snow conditions as well, as this is where most damage can be done, not only by the snow, but by the cold conditions causing condensation and water build up in the lens.
  • Camera Dust Covers

    Excerpt: Photographers need to be prepared for any weather conditions when they go out on a shoot. Protection of your camera and equipment is essential.

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